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Brynn's Books

Dark Romance Series: The Four Families

CO8 Ebook Amazon.jpg

Book 1

DWD Ebook Amazon.jpg

Book 2

PDT Ebook Amazon.jpg

Book 3

FF Ebook Amazon.jpg

Complete Trilogy Set

KOM eBook Amazon.jpg

O'Shea Spin-Off

Book 4

Dark Romance Series: Ember Glen

SoM eBook Amazon.jpg

Book 1

BoM eBook Amazon.jpg

Book 2

EoM eBook Amazon.jpg

Book 3

Dark Romance Standalones

JLP eBook Cover.jpg
ebook Book Cover.jpg


Brynn's novellas are currently available on Amazon, Apple, Nook, Kobo, and Google.
They are not in Kindle Unlimited.

You can purchase each one separately OR you can read them all on Ream as a paid subscriber when you join Brynn's Vicious Circle!

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