Ember Glen

A Dark Romance Series


Releasing in 2022
Cover Reveal May 26th

Book 1

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Book 2

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Book 3

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Book Blurb

The men of Ember Glen purge under the full moon, and it's my duty to serve their needs.


Neglecting that duty is a sin, and during the last full moon, I became a sinner.

Arlo Rainn witnessed my transgression, and he brought my sins to the authority. He and the other men of the Control chose my fate. All I knew was that I would be punished—maybe put to death. But I never could have imagined the hellish fate chosen for me.


More than that, I never could have imagined the maddening lust that would spark when I became Arlo's ward.


Our passion is forbidden…and it might just set the world on fire.

The Ember Glen series follows Mercy and Arlo through their forbidden love in a cult-like community set in a near-future dystopian world.

SERIES NOTE: Spark of Madness is book 1 of 3 in the Ember Glen series and it ends on a cliffhanger. The author plans to publish all 3 books by the end of 2022.

TRIGGER WARNING: This is a dark romance series involving many triggering elements which may be upsetting for some readers. Click below to find a complete list of tropes & triggers.

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