Sugar Wood

A Twisted Tales Novel

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I never imagined something so twisted and toxic could become my future, but I want it. I want every ounce of their poisonous passion.


I don't believe in evil or enchantments. I know better than to believe in things that don't exist. But I'm certain of the sickness of humanity and the twisted energy it leaves behind…and Sugar Wood Forest is infected with it.


My home is infected, too. The preppy college boy and his heiress stepsister I've trapped within it will feel the effects of that soon enough.


They said they were lost when they stumbled upon my cabin in the woods, but I'd seen them out there earlier trying to bury their secrets together—the same way I'd buried mine. I should've sent them away, but instead I stole them and locked them up.


And now their own wicked energy plagues me, drawing us all together with toxic desire.


These two are my secret now.

But I haven't decided yet whether they're a secret worth keeping or burying.


This steamy dark romance is a twisted retelling of Hansel & Gretel which features an MMF relationship. Heed the warning—this is a dark story and parts of it may be upsetting to some readers. Please use your best judgment in deciding whether this book is for you.

Tropes & Triggers: MMF ménage romance, stepsibling romance, sexual abuse by a family member (NO minors/children are involved), bloody violence, explicit sex, dubious consent, captivity.

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