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1 SIGNED PAPERBACK COPY OF Blaze of Misery by Brynn Ford

All signed books come with various book related swag (bookmark, sticker, etc.)



Book Description


Mercy endures brutal punishment for her so-called sins, and Arlo's warped worldview begins to fracture. While his affection for her grows, she comes to accept her fate. Knowing her death is inevitable, their passion ignites, setting a blaze across the boundary line between purity and pleasure.



She's destined to die, yet she consumes my every waking thought.


I'm struggling against everything I've been taught to believe.

I'm falling for a sinner, and my passion for her is destroying my world.


As Mercy endures untold torment at the hands of my brothers, my soul splinters, breaking in ways I didn't know were possible. I want her so much it consumes me. I need her so much that I'd burn for eternity in exchange for a single moment with her...if only I could sell my soul to spare her life.


The fear of her looming death begs my mind to open, and all I want is a world where she lives.



Absolution. They could etch the word into my skin, and still, it would never find me.


The trials for my soul begin, but they aren't truly meant to save me.

Nothing can save me from the way I've been broken by the men of Ember Glen.


The man who hurt me the most is also the man whose touch sets me on fire. Arlo Rainn hasn’t earned my thoughts, my attention, or my desire, yet he possesses me entirely. My feelings for him strengthen as we explore our forbidden passion, and as he comes to know me better, he begins to see the world through my eyes.


My warden's perspective is shifting, and I fall deeper into the madness of my need for him.


This is a dark romance series that involves many triggering elements which may be upsetting for some readers. A complete list of tropes and triggers can be found at


Blaze of Misery is book 2 of 3 in the Ember Glen dystopian dark romance trilogy. This trilogy follows the forbidden romance of Mercy Madness and Arlo Rainn, and the books must be read in order. Books 1 and 2 end on cliffhangers, but all 3 books in the trilogy are available now. The series is complete and ready for you to binge read!

Book 1: Spark of Madness 
Book 2: Blaze of Misery
Book 3: Embers of Mercy


    No returns, refunds, or exchanges will be granted for signed book purchases.

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