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SIGNED PAPERBACK: Ember Glen (The Complete Trilogy Omnibus)

SIGNED PAPERBACK: Ember Glen (The Complete Trilogy Omnibus)

1 SIGNED PAPERBACK COPY OF Ember Glen: The Complete Trilogy by Brynn Ford

All signed books come with various book related swag (bookmark, sticker, etc.). This is a single paperback book that contains all three stories in the Ember Glen trilogy: Spark of Madness, Blaze of Misery, and Embers of Mercy. The individual books are sold separately.



Book Description


Mercy is forbidden, and Arlo can't resist her…

The complete Ember Glen dark romance trilogy!
This omnibus contains all three books in the Ember Glen trilogy.

Mercy and Arlo's Story
Book 1: Spark of Madness
Book 2: Blaze of Misery
Book 3: Embers of Mercy

For years, I've served the men of Ember Glen. I've endured their depravity because it's required. But when the most vicious man in our village decides to target me during a purge, I have to make a choice…

I can kneel and serve…
or I can run and become a sinner.

I choose sin…
I choose to run.

Only, I didn't expect another man to chase me…
I didn't expect the harrowing punishments he'd make me endure once I was caught…
And I certainly didn't expect to find passion for him.

The man who calls me a sinner sets my soul on fire.

It's my role to maintain control in Ember Glen. Selected women must serve beneath the full moon, and refusal is not an option. So, when I see her run, refusing to fulfill her duty, I have to take control…

I have an urge to follow her…
a visceral need to hunt her down.

I have to catch her...
I have to chase her.

Only, I didn't expect to find her so intoxicating…
I didn't expect the brutal punishment that awaited her for running…
And I certainly didn't expect to feel so conflicted about delivering it.

My craving for her is forbidden, but I might let her drag me to hell.

AUTHOR NOTE: This is a dark romance series that involves many triggering elements which may be upsetting for some readers. A complete list of tropes and triggers can be found at


    No returns, refunds, or exchanges will be granted for signed paperback purchases.

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