Brynn's Brain on Writing "Counts of Eight"

As I wrote my first dark romance novel, I collected my random thoughts, musings, Google searches, and personal commentary…to myself. I put together the most interesting tidbits for you to see what goes on in my mind while I’m writing. It’s not always pretty…or smooth…or all that fascinating. But here it is, nonetheless -- my brain on writing Counts of Eight (The Four Families, Book 1).

Read on to enter my mind, you deliciously daring reader.

I need to make this darker. Darker than that. Even darker. (1,000 words later) Oh, shit. What have I done?

I basically wrote the entire book this way.

Google Search: How long can the average person hold their breath before dying?

Most sources say someone in excellent health and trained for underwater emergencies can hold their breath underwater for about 2 minutes before losing consciousness. I could probably do it for 10 seconds if I absolutely had to.

Google Search: What is the weather in Russia?

Google Search: What is the weather in my city?

I got really distracted on this one and started looking up the weather everywhere. Russia, Italy, Ireland, Hawaii...Hawaii won. I imagine Hawaii always wins.

Google Search: Sexy shirtless man dancer.

What more do I need to say?

Google Translate: Boy.

Google Translate: Slave girl.

Google Translate: Hold me closer tiny dancer…

…count the headlights on the highway!

(Forcefully closes laptop, but not hard enough to crack the screen) I need to stop writing for the night. Probably go do some reflecting on the meaning of life. Perhaps join a brain study to find out why I torture my characters so.

I did stop writing for that night. I did reflect on the meaning of life. I did not join a brain study (though I might if there's money involved).

Why, just WHY am I doing this to them?!

It's really not my fault. Blame the villain in the story, not me!

This. Is. So. SAD. 😭

I literally have all the feels for this story. Every feel. All of them.

That was a little sexy. That shouldn't have been sexy. That should NOT have been sexy.

I know I’m not the only person confused on where the line is between hot and not hot in this twisted story. Right? Am I the only one???

I need to see someone...a psychiatrist...a morality coach...a priest. Ooh, that sounds like a new story idea with a totally taboo three-way...🤔


Google Maps: Where the hell is Italy?

I found it! (facepalm)

Oh, my God, they love each other! This is gonna break my heart.

I’m in love with the way Anya and Ezra are in love. Did I mention their story gives me all the feels. ALL the feels.

(Types "The End") That was f***ing epic!

I hope you find the emotional roller coaster of this first book in the series to be epic! I promise you a bigger, darker (seriously, darker) roller coaster in book two!

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Author Brynn Ford writes

dark and dirty romance

for daring readers.

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